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About us

Your Local Digital Agency in this content consuming world. Adverkz Digital is a 360 Degree Startup marketing Brand currently based at Chennai, India, built on an aspiration to become a leader in the Global Marketing Communications Domain. We work with businesses and brands who value marketing as their integral element of their business. We are only 1 office right now and we are headed to a Global strategic Growth. We use our innovative and creative approach to help our clients grow as per their requirements.

To become a Globally Local Marketing Communication Brand of the world.

Our mission is and will be – To Strive Hard for our Clients to reach their Goal through our strategical and scientifically Data oriented marketing solutions and products.

Team & Culture


We are currently a team of 12 which includes right from Strong Coding enthusiasts to Creative Designers to interactive Game Developers.


With People, we are Human centric.
With Clients, we are Goal Centric.
With Work, we crave to go to the next level, we Never Settle.

Our Services
Skilled in every facet of digital marketing with decades of collective experience.
Hire the right size satellite team to suit your needs Even if it’s “half an SEO Specialist,” a “quarter of a PPC Analyst” or several
Custom strategies are behind everything we do. We believe each business is unique and deserves a distinctive

Digital Marketing Awits

Search Engine Optimization.

Pay Per Click Marketing.

Web Design & Maintence.

Social Media Marketing.

Copy Writing.

Email Marketing.

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To become a 10,000 member Team by 2023

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